Australian Dancewear: What To Pack For Dance Class

Have no idea what to bring to your dance class? Whether you are a seasoned dancer or a new beginner, it is important to consider the appropriate attire and essentials to enhance your dance practice and performance. At Mino Dance, we provide you with a wide variety of Australian Dancewear for any dance student to wear to their dance classes. In this blog, Mino Dance provides a guide on what the dance class essentials to bring to your dance class.

Your Basic Uniform

Bring Your Leotard

Ensure to bring your basic uniform for class. A dance leotard is a contemporary dancer's closet basic. The leotard goes further than the aesthetics – it's an essential element to elevate your dance performance and enhance your confidence. Made of nylon, the leotard offers flexibility in your movement while dancing and enhances the dance techniques of ballet dancers. The most popular leotards we recommend you pick up are the Charlotte Leotard and the Camisole (cami) leotard. These are simple yet a popular design amongst dancers. 

Australian dancewear - Mino Dance's Charlotte Leotard

Bring Tights and Dance Shoes 

Moreover, do not forget dance tights for your legs. Dance tights provide a critical basis for providing support, coverage, and a sophisticated image for dancers. Although there is a wide range to choose from, we recommend looking at our Classic Footed Tight - Footed (Adult).  Pair your basic uniform with appropriate footwear. Depending on which dance style you practice, bring the shoes needed to change into for class. When considering the shoes you wear to and from class - comfortable shoes that are easy to slip in and out of are fine! A pair of sneakers, thongs and even boots will be fine.


The Essential Dance Bag

It is obvious that you need a dance bag to carry all your dance class essentials. It is recommended to select a stylish yet spacious duffel bag such as the Glitter Duffel Bag. This bag is very convenient and practical for dancers and features a variety of compartments - a ventilated shoe compartment, drink bottle holder, phone and accessories pocket. This allows dancers to become organised with all their dance essentials and prepared for anything.

Bring your Australian dancewear and dance essentials in our Glitter Duffel Bag!

Packing Your Bag

Hair Essentials 

When performing passionately, it is easy for hair to get in the way. Ensuring that your hair is neat and stylish enhances your dance performance and makes it easier. Here are some recommended hair essentials to keep in your bag.

  • Hair Brush
  • Hairspray
  • Hair ties, scrunchies, headbands or elastics
  • Clips and bobby pins


In case of any mishaps or accidents, band-aids are handy in different sizes. Maybe also bring antiseptic wipes to treat potential injuries. 


Snacks and Water Bottle 

Dancers who practice hard will get tired quickly. It is vital to keep snacks and a water bottle in your bag for energy and hydration.


Body/Face Towel 

Dance practice can get intense and result in dancers becoming sweaty and tired. You can bring a small towel to keep yourself clean and dry.

Where To Find Australian Dancewear And Essentials 

To find high-quality Australian dancewear, head to Mino Dance. With a wide variety of options available and an emphasis on comfort, quality, and style. Mino Dance also provides accessories and other essentials to bring to class. If you have any questions or would like more advice on finding the right product or fit, feel free to reach out

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