Picking Dance Leotards: What it Means to Select the Right One

When picking between dance leotards, it is essential to pick the one most suitable for you. For every individual, there is a dance leotard that is perfect for you and your unique needs. It is important to invest in high-quality dance leotards because they will enhance your performance and ensure that you feel comfortable and flexible in your dancewear. For a dancer, a leotard is like your 'second skin'.  At Mino Dance, we offer high-quality dance leotards in different sizes, colours and styles to boost every dancer's confidence and allow comfort while dancing. This blog dives deeper into what it means to pick the right dance leotard. 

It is important to pick the best dance leotards that elevate dance performance.


The Evolution of the Leotard 

During the 19th century, Jules Léotard created the leotard to suit his needs as a performer himself. Originally, leotards were worn by gymnasts and circus performers composed of cotton. This cotton was a material that enabled relative stretchiness, however it was sometimes too baggy for performances. Following this, the introduction of bri-nylon increased the stretchiness but was a material that eventually lost shape. Finally, spandex (elastane) was utilised instead which fixed the prior issues of the fabric mishaping and bagging. This material ensures shape retention, stretch and durability. This revolutionary material changed dancewear drastically and is still used today.

Choosing High Quality Fabric

Essentially, the appropriate material for dance leotards is spandex (elastane) and nylon. Elastane is like the superhero of fabrics. This material can stretch up to 400%! Nylon is a relatively hygroscopic material. In simpler terms, nylon will limit bacteria and ensure that the garment manages moisture and prevents odour when you sweat as you dance. Furthermore, nylon is composed of a polyamide. Basically, a molecule that allows for severe flexibility, making it comfortable to dance in. Well-constructed dancewear supports dancers to move freely and adapt to the way they dance. In fact, at Mino Dance, many of leotards are sourced from Energetiks who compose their leotards with their unique signature Australian-made performance fabric that is approximately three times more durable than natural fibres. Their fabric is a combination of both nylon and elastane which provides a soft, stretchy but durable fabric - just what dancers need!

Selecting Your Size

It is critical for dancers to select the right size for their body shape. The dance leotard must not be overly loose or tight as it may limit your movement while dancing or cause discomfort. Dancer's bodies continually change due to their ages, lifestyle and diet. Before purchasing a dance leotard, accurately measure your bust, waist, hips and girth, then use the size chart to find the perfect fit. A well-fitted leotard will amplify your confidence as a dancer.

Selecting Your Style

 Dance leotards come in a variety of styles and cuts to pick from. With a spectrum of colours depending on the occasion and personal preference. Many dancers also pair their leotards with pants and shirts depending on their preferred level of coverage. Dancers are spoiled with a great abundance of options, making it inevitable that every dancer is bound to find a leotard that suits them perfectly. Ultimately, which one is the right one for you? 

  • For the classic ballerina look, start with the skirt and dress like leotards. A definite go-to is the Charlotte Leotard.  The broad straps are comfortable and offer support for ballet dancers.
  • For dancers who want to accentuate their arm and back muscles, have a try with low v backs on a leotard that improves how dancers perform- epaulement,  arabesques and arm lines.
  • For female dancers who are built with a large bust, it is advised to try a higher back & higher front which will provide supplementary support and more coverage.
  • For dancers who want to wear undergarments, a high back will give the coverage for that.

Camisole Leotard

The Camisole (cami) leotard is a sleeveless garment with a scoop neck. This is a simple yet popular design for dancers.

mino dance - our camisole dance leotards!


Tank Leotard

The tank leotard resembles a tank top structure with wider straps which gives great support. 

explore our tank top dance leotards


Sleeve Leotard

Commonly used by male dancers, the sleeve leotard has sleeves to cover the shoulders and can show off broad shoulders when using cap sleeves.

opt for sleeve leotards for mens' physiques

Key Takeaways 

Remember, the right dance leotard goes further than the aesthetics – it's a critical element in the elevation of your dance performance and enhancement of confidence in self expression. With this information, we hope that you use this knowledge to find the right dance leotard for you. For any further enquiries about dancewear, please contact us.

 If you have any questions or would like more advice on finding the right product or fit, feel free to reach out. If you have any questions or would like more advice on finding the right product or fit, feel free to reach out. We are at your disposal for any need you have.

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