Tights Talk - A Guide To Selecting Dance Tights

An Introduction To Dance Tights 

Typically, all dancers must have their pair of dance tights for practice and performance. When it comes to dancewear, it is important to select the right dance tights as a staple in your closet. Dance tights are the critical foundation for delivering support, coverage, and a refined image for dancers. In the current day, there are a variety of styles of dance tights to choose from. In this blog, dive into the nuances of dance tights and find the right dance tights for you!

The Design Of Dance Tights 

Our tights are meticulously designed with comfort and invisibility, featuring a cotton gusset and flat seams. Dance tights are composed of lightweight cotton, nylon and spandex. These materials provide essential breathability and durability, assuring they can withstand the severe demands of dance practice and performance. 

Dance Tights Colours 

Every dancer has their personal preferences when coming to colours. Usually, when selecting dance tights colours, your dance teacher already has an established uniform. However, if given the choice, there is a large range of colours.

  •  If you are a ballet dancer, the standard colour for ballet is salmon pink or theatrical pink. 
  • For jazz dancers, beige, tan or black colours are popular.
  • For Salsa/Latin dancers, suntan or light colours are popular, paired with fishnets.

Find Your Fit 

It is critical to pick dance tights that fit you. A flattering fit will not only provide comfort but be able to give your legs the illusion of a long and sculpted appearance. The material’s thickness also varies from lightweight, pantyhose and compression. Hence, this enhances your overall performance and appearance.

Types of Dance Tights 

It is overwhelming to explore the various styles of dance tights with limited knowledge. However, here are the basics you need to know about the different types of dance tights:

Footless Tights 

For dancers who have the preference of dancing barefoot, yet want coverage and warmth for your entire legs, the best dance tights for you are footless tights. This style finishes at the ankles with clean seamless lines that almost have an invisible appearance to others. Footless tights are prevalent among contemporary and lyrical dancers. 

Footed Tights 

On the contrary, footed dance tights are everyone's go-to dance tights. Essentially, the footed styles are worn with shoes, whether that is for Ballet, Tap or Jazz shoes. If footed tights sound appropriate for your dance performance, purchase our popular Classic Footed Tight - Footed (Adult).

Dance Tights for adults - Classic Footed Tight

Capri Tights 

Capri tights finish mid-calf - leaving your lower leg and feet bare. These are usually selected by jazz and contemporary dancers or those who like to dance barefoot because their dances are barefoot but require some coverage at the top half of the leg.

Convertible Tights 

Convertible tights have the most versatility in comparison to all dance tights, also known as transition tights. These tights are designed with a hole underneath the foot, making them adaptable. Thus, you have the option of wearing these tights like a standard tight or rolled up, for dancers doing numerous classes, or ballet dancers who require access to their toes for additional padding before pointe work.

Stirrup Tights

Stirrup tights are another type of dance tights that enables barefoot dancing but with an extended leg line. Furthermore, stirrup tights can be worn with shoes if desired. This particular style of dance tights is often selected for aerobics and modern dancing. Have a look at our Classic Dance Tight - Stirrup (Adult) if this is your preference.

Dance tights for barefoot dancing - Classic Stirrup Tights (Adult)



Fishnets are interesting tights that are designed for professional and elite dancers. They are made with resistance and are easy to wear under dance shoes. This style is usually suitable for broadway, tap and cabaret dance. 

Selecting Your Dance Tights 

Overall, this blog informs you about the various styles, colours and fits for dance tights. Using this guide, you can confidently select your own dance tights depending on your preferences, dance style and personality. 

At Mino Dance, our collection of dance tights and pantyhose is diverse, delivering versatility and quality to cater to your personal needs. Make sure you purchase your dance tights from a reputable store! Elevate your dancewear and dance performances with Mino Dance! Contact us for further inquiries into dancewear. 

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