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Now here's a mask that a-peelin'. 
The banana-rama print is sure to keep you feeling upbeat.. The custom print features Charlie the Chimp and his favourite food! 

Q: Why are bananas never lonely?
A: Because they hang around in bunches. (Just like us, so it's important to cover up and look after yourself and everyone around you!)

Fabric description

92% polyester, 8% spandex (100% fabulous)

Please Note: Due to the way we manufacture, print positioning will vary slightly mask to mask.

Handling your seam-free mask

Our masks are made from super soft, ultra-stretch fabric which makes them incredibly comfy to wear. Our unique seamless wave fusion technology allows us to avoid any stitch lines, but it does mean you need to take care with your mask. 

Please handwash only with a mild detergent.

Due to health and safety, sale of the product is final.