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We hear you. Wearing a regular mask from the local chemist is unbearable (get it?). That’s why we've commissioned Greg for our limited run Australia-ana themed design.

Not only ultra comfy but only the highest Koality. Nice one Greg...
Fabric & Care
- 92% polyester, 8% spandex (100% fabulous)
- Please Note: Due to the way we manufacture, print positioning will vary slightly mask to mask
- Our masks are made from super soft, ultra-stretch fabric which makes them incredibly comfy to wear
- Our unique seamless wave fusion technology allows us to avoid any stitch lines, but it does mean you need to take extra care with your mask
While they are stretchy and fabulous, we advise that you do not get too excited and start stretching or pulling your mask along the midline as this is, structurally, the most delicate point!
Care Instructions: Please handwash only with a mild detergent. Due to health and safety, sale of the product is final.