Vantage Micro Suede (Child/Adult)




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The Vantage provides toes and the ball of the foot protection from abrasion in a soft microsuede. Silicone backed straps hold the fore foot cover in place without restricting movement.

Why you'll love it: 

Microsuede is a knit blend crafted from natural products that are tightly woven together creating a wonderfully soft and dense fabrication.The Vantage Microsuede is a suitable option for customers wanting a non-leather shoe as the fabric is derived from non-animal products that are both durable and stain resistant.

Fabric & Care

Forefoot pad under the metatarsal - Protects the toes and ball of foot from abrasion
Soft micro suede upper and outsole – All encompassing comfort and ease of turning
Silicon backed elastic straps - Prevents the straps from slipping
Padded terry cotton sock – Comfort with moisture absorbing properties